Friday, March 28, 2014

Throw Up Thursday

I am sure you are all familiar with the increasingly popular "Throwback Thursday" where you post an old picture online on Thursdays. But have you heard of lesser known "throw UP Thursday"?


Yeah, I don't see it catching on quite as well,  but that is what my kids did all day yesterday.

Let's rewind to Tuesday because I want to disclose all details of this as if it were an official investigation. I am open to any and all theories about what the cause of the outbreak may be or if you have ever experienced anything like it.

Tuesday evening I met a couple friends at Chic-Fil-A (one of them was my sister in law) in Northern Kentucky. There are 10 kids between the 3 of us. It did get a little crazy, but what' new? Afterwards we went home and got ready for bed because Z had to be at the airport at 6:00 am the next morning to fly to Washington D.C. with my parents.


Wednesday morning, everything was great. Z flew off and got to see the capital and had a grand ol' time. Back in Ohio my two youngest kids were fine and dandy until Ezie woke from his sleep at 10:30 pm and started to vomit. He has never thrown up before. And it just kept on coming for the poor little guy. I'd clean him up in the bathtub change him and changed the sheets and then it would happen again, although after two times I wanted to make sure he was done so I went ahead and let him relax in the tub for a looooong time and it appeared he was finally done puking. Then when I got him out and wrapped him in a towel he threw up again.


 We were up until 4:00 am and then I slept in his bed with him. I awoke to the news that SJ threw up. Then I got a text that Z had been throwing up in D.C. all night too! What in the world?! I texted my friends that had been at Chic Fil A and one of them hadn't experienced any illness other than some diarrhea from a  toddler. My sister in law on the other hand said that my niece, nephew, and brother were all puking!

I know that story was probably hard to follow, but here are the clues

1. 10 kids were playing at Chic-Fil-A Tuesday night (more than 10, but those are the ones I was with).
2. Approximately 36 hours later 5 out of the 10 kids were vomiting, plus one dad who wasn't even at Chic-Fil-A.
3. Side note: When the illness manifested the kids were scattered amongst three different states (Ohio, Kentucky, and D.C.).

I just find it interesting. It's like this "bug" jumped on all the kids at one point and simultaneously manifested way later. I would say food poisoning, because it reminds of the time everyone from our church got montezuma's revenge on a mission trip, but there are some problems with that theory, like not everyone that had it ate at the restaurant, and I don't think food poising takes that long. I do understand how illness works and it's common for groups to get sick together, but I have never seen all of my kids suddenly come down with something at the exact same time. They usually pass it along in more of a domino type fashion. I also didn't think it would take a full day and half to show symptoms.  If you are a germ expert this is your chance to educate me on the life cycle of a virus.

The good news is the sickness only lasted about 18 hours and everyone is better now. Time to finish another round of laundry and disinfecting the house. Yippee!

*SJ always stands really funny when she is assuming the puke position. It's funny, one time her legs were so far apart she was almost doing the splits, but I am always by her side comforting her. In this case it was a false alarm and she was fine, so that is why I snapped the pic. *

**Z signing I love you as headed off to the airport**

***Pajamas snuggles with my sick boy. At least I had an excuse to be alone with him and stroke his silky little baby curls.


Sarah said...

The stomach bugs are just the worst. And the middle of the night vomit: The very worst. Hopefully it's all over now! It's the winter of cold and illness that never ends!

Lauren Duke said...

Oh my goodness! That picture of SJ is so ridiculously cute. What a cute a girlie way to throw up! The GI bug we had a few weeks ago was weird too. It took about 48 in between it's victims. Seems like everyone I know has had a stomach bug lately :( glad it's over!

Anonymous said...

I was laughing hysterically reading this. But not when Z was throwing up off the side of the hotel bed right beside me.

{amy} said...

How crazy! I'm glad everyone is better now!