Thursday, March 22, 2012

Friends With Bellies

One of my favorite parts of pregnancy is the camaraderie with other pregnant women. There are at least 4 other women from my little blog roll that are also expecting; It's A Crackerjack Life, The Bug's Life, Mama the Reader, and Meet Virginia.

One of these bloggers also happen to be one of my best friends.

AND another one of my closest gal pals from Texas is also pregnant and we are due THE SAME DAY!
It's not the first time we've been pregnant together either. And there is another friend back at my Texas church that is also due a month ahead of me and she has all girls so I can't wait to find out what she is having this time. All 3 of these lovely ladies are expecting baby #4. I guess the Texas mommas are a bunch of baby machines!

Luckily I am not the lone ranger here in Kentucky either. I have had the pleasure of meeting some really cool sisters on recent trips here. One of them is mother of 4 boys and we should find out what they are having really soon. Her younger sister is a newly wed who recently found out they are having their first. Exciting time for both of them.

Can't wait to see all of these adorable babies.


{amy} said...

I loved Hannah's pics today! & I totally missed Crystal's news! How exciting! I'm glad you have other pregnant women around! :)

lewiston said...

I'm still so amazed y'all are due on the same day!! What are the odds??? So thankful for all the LIFE God is giving us!