Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Home Is Where The Heat Is

Yesterday at around 8:00 am we finally made it full circle back to Texas. We traveled over 3,000 miles, were gone for over 3 weeks, and went through over 10 states and one Canadian province. It's been quite the trip, but boy was I ready to get back home. I dreamt of sleeping in my own bed, my kids making a mess of their own house, and having full access to my own closet and finally my dream has come true. It doesn't matter that I went back to work yesterday, or that Zion got sick because I am home. I don't even mind that the chickens ate the entire garden while we were gone and J has threatened to eat them for dinner. I don't even mind the heat. Oh the heat. It's horrible! SJ brought me a swimsuit to put on her and she wore it all day. We never swam, but I guess it was her way of coping with the warmer temperature and she was happy.

In Canada and the upper peninsula everyone appologized for the scorching temperatures and we had to laugh. It was kind of a disappointment that we didn't get to wear the wintery clothes we had packed, but 88 is still 20 degrees cooler than 108. It's been a record breaking summer and today is the 34th day in a row for DFW to have triple digit weather. It's a dry heat too. It will slap you in the face when you open the door. Yesterday my Facebook and instagram were flooded with people chiming in about the heat.
Our youth pastor had this photo
with the caption "Yes, that does say 113"

and immediately after that I find this post by J of a crayon that had melted in his car
and he writes "a warm welcome is nice but seriously 110*?"

I haven't posted my thoughts on the latest weather conditions, but if I did I would have say "Not cool Dallas, so not cool."


Virginia (Jenny) said...

I know, it's been crazy hot! We live in Arizona and I've just been hiding inside the house. lol. When I go to check the mail I have to shield my eyes because the light and heat hits me so hard.

{amy} said...

It's pretty hot here, too. I'd rather be up north right now! SJ had the right idea ~ as little clothing as possible!!

You've got a valid point about being able to wear certain clothes w/o looking like you're trying to strut your stuff! Those are the things I like to wear, because I feel like I look like a woman! ;)