Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I Wore In Kentucky

I first heard about What I Wore Wednesday from Amanda, and more recently I've been inspired by Maria's weekly ensembles. I thought the outfits I packed for my trip last week would be a good place to start since they represent what I wear on a regular basis, and I know that the world is just dying to see what I wear day to day.

I've included a photo of what I wore and where I wore it (kinda). They were just really quick iphone snapshots so I apologize for the photo quality. Maybe I will work on that next time.

It was cold when I flew into town wearing this comfy casual get up.

Sweater- SO. My friend sometimes gives me the clothes she doesn't wear anymore.
Shirt- I don't remember, I've had it for a LONG time.
Pants- Target
Shoes- Payless

On the plane with SJ

Next up, we drove from Louisville to Cincinnati and I needed to have layers because it was about to warm up.
Jacket- American Eagle (thrift store)
Hoodie- Gap (thrift store)
Tshirt- Ascend The Hill concert
Jeans- Doll House (thrift store)
Shoes- Aldo (thrift store)
Painting pottery at Color Me Mine.

I call this next one my cheap outfit, because I usually prefer maximizing my little budget by purchasing quality clothes second hand, but this outfit proves that sometimes I just buy cheap clothes first hand.

This is a sarcastic pose by the way.

Sunglasses- Dollar Tree
Shirt- Walmart
Jeans- Target
Shoes- Payless
Lunch at Abuelo's

Lastly, I wore this dress to church while I was away and I flew home in it.
The dress is from Ross.
The first thing I did when I got home was check on the chickens and the garden that's when J snapped this photo.

I don't always wear flats by the way. I love heels, boots, and sandals, but these simple shoes were the most packable and versatile for this trip. And as far as jewelry, well, I need help. I am in a complete accessory rut so if you have any suggestions let me know!


{amy} said...

I've seen several people participate in What I Wore Wednesday, but I've never done it. Maybe I wouldn't wear the same thing from week to week if I was posting pics! As usual, you look super cute!!

christine @ quasiagitato said...

I agree! Super cute. And you must have some great thrift stores near you!

Maggy said...

those little Payless shoes are adorable!

406 Olivia said...

Cute polka dot Ross dress! And your sarcastic post made me giggle since I do it All. The. Time. Only I'm not kidding when I do it.


My House of L said...

Cute, love the plane outfit!

wildruffle.com said...

Just found you from the WWIW link up - so fun to see you on for the first time. Cute outfits!:) I tend to be the opposite - I get in a clothes rut, but my accessories change all the time.

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

Can I just tell you that you made my day!! I am so glad you are doing WIWW! You look adorable!