Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Swing of Things

Last week while I was inside trying to do a video about freezer cooking J was outside building a swing set for the kids.

It all began with my parents getting SJ a baby swing for her birthday, but we didn't have a tree branch that we could hang it from so it turned into a little lumber project.

We had some friends over to help. One of them helped me out by recording the video and the other one worked with J on the swing set.

Both projects took about the same amount of time and we all sat down for a nice meal together afterwards.

The kids are so happy with their new play equipment, and I am all for anything that encourages fresh air and activity (something that can be hard to come by these days).

I think now we are officially ready to swing into spring.

Today I am linking up with Try New Adventures Thursday with Alicia, because the cooking tutorial video and the DIY swing set are both new adventures to us!


Alicia said...

How awesome is that! Gosh, it's nice to have handy men around, isn't it? The swing looks GREAT. I'm off to watch your freezer cooking video...

Amy said...

Yay for a swing set! No offense intended toward my mister, but it would never cross his mind to build a swing set! :D

Marlene said...

Now I know why Mary loves to go next door and swing on there wings

lewiston said...

fun! we have that same blue swing and the kids love it. :) although, when we had that snow this winter peter threw a snowball (rather fast and hard) at the swing and i guess because of the cold the plastic was brittle and the snowball broke a good size hole in the back. :( it's still usable though... just remember that for the future. :P

Sarah @ Loved Like the Church said...

What an awesome swing set! Our new house has one and I am so happy! Enjoy it! :)