Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Just got back from spending an uneventful afternoon at the hospital. It's been two weeks since the pneumonia/broken collar bone incident. Z had a followup with an orthopedic doctor at the children's hospital today. It looks like everything is healing up well. He doesn't have to wear the sling anymore and in 4 weeks we'll go back again to see if his bone is like new.

We've been trying to stay true to our commitment to regular family fun activities, but it was hard to be too active when Z was recuperating. Even with 2 weeks of "down time" we managed to roast smores in J's makeshift fire pit in our backyard.

After that he had a little visit to grandma's house which as I mentioned before was extended due to inclimate weather.

For super bowl we all wore our football t-shirts even though none of them were teams that were playing.

Then last night we made valentine's cakes and gave one away to some friends.

So as you can see we are completely back into the swing of things and Z is operating at full speed. Now I just have to figure out how to keep up with him!


Anonymous said...

This morning while in the grocery store I was smiling at a cute little guy about Z's age sounding like a car racing down the isle. The grandma lagging a bit behind said to me in passing "I know why people have kids in there 20's. I said I hear yea.

Amy said...

I'm glad he's back to his usual self!! I know it's more work for you, though! :P