Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bound 4 Life

I have been moved to take things a little deeper this week and talk about some of my favorite causes. Yesterday was the Invisible Children and today I would like to focus on Bound 4 Life. If I had to pick one "political issue" that I was most passionate about it would be the right to life.

Bound 4 Life is a movement that began back in 2004 when a group of people stood in front of the United States Supreme Court with red tape over their mouths with the word LIFE written on it in bold black letters. For 31 days they prayed silently. The 31 days represented the 31 years of legalized abortion in America. Since then this act has spread and become a powerful force that has gotten tons of media coverage and prompted people to begin their own chapter of these silent prayers all over the nation (and world).

Bound 4 Life feels that "When LIFE tape is placed over our mouths, we are identifying with the silent screams of the unborn and of those who have no voice. Our stand is not a protest, but a silent prayer meeting"
I just recently got my own Bound 4 Life bracelet and wear it daily as a reminder to pray for this injustice.

I remember the day I told my husband he was going to be a daddy. We sat at a table against the wall at the Macaroni Grill when I spelled it out in crayon on the white paper table cloth. We celebrated together. Sometime later when my son was probably a year old we ended up sitting at that same table.
A flood of joyous emotions came over me as I looked at my family and remembered that moment. This precious little boy was probably smaller than a grain of rice the last time we sat at that table. Then it hit me how many people terminate their pregnancy at that stage. My stomach sank at the thought of my little boy or other boys or girls being "terminated".

I know it's a touchy subject AS IT SHOULD BE! I know a handful of women who have experienced the loss of a child through abortion and there is restoration and healing for you if you have been their yourself. I also know some happy stories of friends who have adopted as a result of the birth mother going to a women's center that encouraged life and adoption! I could write all day long about statistics, links, resources, counseling and more if you are interested my email is Feel free to contact me. Life IS Beautiful!


Crystal said...

AMEN!! Abortion just breaks my heart, as someone who has unvolentarily suffered miscarriages- even of surprise little ones- I just can't imagine how someone could choose to lose that precious little life miraculously growing inside of them!!

Ian said...

Thanks for sharing with others what Bound4LIFE is and what we do!

Spreading the word is so very important to our entire cause, so again, thank you.

Ian Kelly

Assistant Director

Amy said...

Yes, life is beautiful! Good post!