Thursday, September 9, 2010

Through A Child's Eyes

This week for Things I Love Thursday I am going to highlight the Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital camera. This was a birthday gift Z got from his babysitter (our "niece") last week. She is barely a teenager, but she saved up her own money to get this camera for him which was so thoughtful and it has been such a hit.

Before we had the kid tough camera my mom had purchased disposable cameras for Z to be able to document the first week of having a sibling and our trip to Kentucky. Here is a photo he took of a train.

This was fun, but it was tricky because we had to turn the flash on for him and of course the cost of the camera and the film processing eventually adds up.

The Kid Tough camera is great because even though the photos are about the quality of a camera phone they are still printable and the child gets to learn about the whole digital photography process without you having to worry about them breaking something valuable. The retail price is $50.00, but our babysitter got hers online for $20 (that's my girl).

Here are some of the shots that he got last week.

His sister

A photo of his feet in the car (there were about 20 of these).

The Bumbo and Buzz. We never even saw him take this which makes it even more fun!


Can't wait to see what he comes up with next.


Olivia said...

That's so great! I'll have to remember this when the grandparents start asking what the kids want for Christmas!

Amy said...

I love pictures taken by children! I think digital is way better than disposable, due to the cost of developing all the pics that aren't really worthy of printing! Z did a pretty good job, especially on the train picture!