Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Last year on this blog I celebrated Earth Day all week and said that I would make earth day an annual tradition for our family. So yesterday J and Z planted raspberry and blackberry bushes. Then this morning we got the kids all ready,

filled up our reusable bottle,

slipped into my "green toes" which are earth friendly shoes (thanks Hannah, I have gotten so much use out of these!)

and off we went to the Dallas Earth Fest.

I am no where near the status of die hard tree hugger, but I do care about the environment and I want to teach my children to be good stewards of this planet so that my grand children and great grandchildren can enjoy it just as much as we do.

Happy Earth Day everyone.


Amy said...

I didn't do anything special today for Earth Day, because I was too busy taking care of some RAKs for my friend's birthday {she's doing 40 of them for her 40th ~ there'll be a post about it later}. We only drove about a mile, though. So I thought we should be able to count that towards her goal of 40 RAKs, since we were kind to the Earth today! :)

Amy said...

It's me again! :) I forgot to say how happy I was to see you Sunday & meet Sedona! Thanks for letting me hold her the whole time!!