Friday, January 29, 2010

Toddler Talk

If I had to narrow it down I would say the thing I love most about my son's age is the things he says in his precious little voice. I really just want to bottle it up forever. I guess I could get it on video, but like I said on Tuesday, it's tricky because he is so distracted by the camera. The next best thing though would just be to make yet another list. This time it's memorable toddler talk from little Z-

"Oooo" Z says reaching the peanut butter brownie I ordered from the coffee shop. I tell him"No. That's Mommy's" He says "No... that's chocolate."

"Eleventeen"- A number Z made up that is often thrown in between 13 and 19.

"I want Bud Light"- A frequent seemingly controversial request from a two year old that is really asking for Buzz Light, as in Toy Story's Buzz Light Year.

"Thankcome"- A combination of Thank You and Your Welcome. It covers the whole gamut in Z's book of manners.

"I stopped crying" It's just something he announces when he is done throwing a fit. He always very calmly proclaims that he has stopped crying, in case I hadn't noticed that the sound decibel levels in the house had returned to a tolerable level.

"Say escooze me mama" We laughed so hard when Z first started saying things like "I fotted, or I bupped" and it was cute, but I tried to quickly regain my maturity and teach him to say excuse me. Although, it never fails when I have gas (I am pregnant ya know) that he immediately reminds me to say excuse me to him.

Any moms out there have some favorite memories of their toddlers little sayings? I love hearing those stories, typed out phonetically is even better.


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

My daughter drives me crazy when she says - after a fit - "I crying." Really? If you're so aware of what you're doing, then perhaps you could stop?!

Although...I supposed I give God plenty of situations where He could say the same to me.

*sigh* The lessons I learn about God by being a parent!!

The Messy Mom said...

Mary, my favorite story about Annalyn (and I tell this to other people) is when she would scream something like "where are my *britches*" except without the "R".

Amy said...

With Elly, anything that happened prior to today was "Last Thursday". & during potty training, she would sit on the potty & say, "I can't crack it." We never did figure out why she said that!

You've probably heard all my Cody stories (& experienced some of them), but my favorite word that he used to use was something along the lines of "chä cher". It could mean sister, tractor, doctor, sucker, soccer or anything that sounded remotely like that! It was always interesting/frustrating/funny trying to figure out which one he meant!

{sorry for such a long comment!}