Monday, January 11, 2010

Prenatal Appointments

I have had 3 prenatal appointments since my last maternity update. About a month ago I had a visit that didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked. I had a blood test that showed that I was anemic. I wasn't too shocked about that, but it is still not great news. Then when listening to the heart beat the baby's heart was fluctuating and when it slowed down it would go below the normal healthy range. This meant I had to have another ultrasound to make sure that the heart was developing properly and that everything looked okay. Long story short she is doing great and there are a number of reasons for the change in heart beat that are of no concern. The good news in all of this was that I did get to see the baby again and this time it was obvious that SHE is a GIRL, which to be completely honest was something I had some doubts about since she was SO modest during our other ultrasounds.

Today's appointment was pretty normal. There was a midwife in training that showed me a yoga pose to help with my SPD and that was cool. Also they are now able to feel the baby by touching my stomach and she has been head down for the past couple weeks, so this girl is pretty much ready for take off. With less than 2 months to go I am starting to get really excited. I have lots more to share, but for now I need to get some rest, these final weeks of pregnancy are really taking a lot out of me. Goodnight or good morning, or afternoon, depending on when this is being read.

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nurmisur said...

I'm glad everything is ok.There are so many things we cannot control during pregnancy but today we can make sure that our baby is ok.
Soon you will be having a healthy litle girl in your arms :)