Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Minimum Wage Restaurant Days

I haven't worked that many places in my lifetime, but most of the jobs I have held involved service in the food industry. When I was 16 I had very short lived position at Mc Donald's, the same one my mom was working at only she was day shift. After that I moved up to being a hostess at the Olive Garden. This is the job I still had when I got married at the tender age of 18! I was always terrified of waiting tables, but the money was better and eventually the management covinced me to face my fears and become a server so I moved up from hostess to waitstaff. That position lasted 3 years. Unfortunately when I quit the Olive Garden I left on kind of a sour note, but I won't get into that story right now. I went straight from that job to working weekday lunches at The Macaroni Grill. As an insider I must say that The Macaroni Grill has so much more going for it and I worked there for over 3 years. All in all that makes nearly 7 years of wearing black pants a white collared buttoned down shirt and a tie. It's also 7 years of the serving up pasta and wine while listening to the same big band era songs over and over for $3.15 an hour plus tips.

I learned a lot through the years of working in the food industry. I refined what I look for in a cuisine. I had some tough lessons involving customer service, and I definitely learned the value of a dollar. I don't miss the days of waiting tables, not one bit. It was good for the time being though and now I can carry a lot of things at once.


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Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I was a waitress for a summer during college, and I hated every minute of it. I think I'd be a better waitress now, but I much prefer being a cashier somewhere over being a server!

lewiston said...

carrying a lot of things at once... definitely a good mommy skill. ;)