Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kindergarten and Obesity

After I left the Macaroni Grill to pursue my career as a photographer I had to make up for the lack of income with a job that would be flexible enough for me to still do photo shoots when I wanted. That is why I tried my hand at substitute teaching. All in all it was a good experience. There were those days were you ended up in a Freshman Agricultural class watching the same video 6 times about turning cows into food, but they were few and far between. I actually enjoyed teaching the High School and Middle School classes the best, but the one class that I will never forget out of my two years of subbing was Kindergarten. I gave it a chance and then vowed never to do it again!

Some people are just cut out for that sort of thing and to my friends that teach that age God bless you. The thing about Kindergarten and most Elementary age classes is that you have the same kids the WHOLE DAY. There is no switching classes at the bell, there is no escape other than a brief lunch and maybe music class. They have a very fast paced schedule of activities involving songs, charts, and materials that as a sub you have no clue how to use. The worst part though is the tattling- OH THE TATTLING! The whole day various kids were telling on one another for saying "the D word" or "the S word" or you name it. One kid came up to me and said so and so said the "E word", which got me curious, so I asked him what the E word was and he "Idiot".

I survived that day, but I remember talking to my husband afterwards and telling him how fat I would be if I were a Kindergarten teacher because I was certain that I would go home everyday after work and eat an entire box of Oreos. To all my teacher friends Kindergarten or not you are amazing. Hang in there, you are about half way done.

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