Friday, January 22, 2010

The Glamorous Life of a Freelance Photographer

I've been pursuing a career in photography since 2002 and it has been evolving, growing, and taking on a direction of it's own ever since. I've shared this week about my journey of jobs and most of the time the photography has been a part time thing, including now, but I still keep very busy.

I do all kinds of portraits from babies to seniors and anything else that gets thrown my way. I even collaborated with a tattoo artist for a while. I also do a lot of weddings, and I blogged about that back in March.

I still do all of those things, but now I invest most of my time working for some local magazines.

There are many reasons that I love this job. First off I really do feel like I am participating in something that has a purpose because a lot of the stories feature people in the community that are giving back, or articles that help raise awareness for various causes and charitable organizations. I also like having a somewhat steady paycheck, and I definitely get to meet some interesting people. On top of all that many of the subjects want to give me something; a copy of their book, a craft that they made, or some food they had prepared. I am always declining and they are always insisting (you know how that goes). This week I met a sweet older lady that makes Scandinavian pastries. She claims to be of the "Swish" origin because her mother was Swedish and her father was Swiss. She sent me home with this plate of rosettes and krumkakes.
That was yesterday, today the plate is empty.

I must say that looking back and talking about the jobs I have had, and have now, has been therapeutic (as blogging often is). I just realized that in my day to day life I complain about work and money a lot. Taking the time to review things in hindsight or just sum it all up like I have this week makes me so much more appreciative of where I have been and how much opportunity I have been given. It's really not all that glamorous, but especially with the state of the economy and rate of unemployment right now I should be thankful for every opportunity and trust that God is in control of what is to come.

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Amy said...

I'm glad you're able to have a job that allows you to stay home with Z as much as possible!