Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Day Is Quickly Approaching

The fact that I have a baby coming in the next couple months is really starting to have an affect on my everyday life and the whole thing just makes me as giddy as a bride getting ready to be married! In fact I just now decided to mark my calendar with the countdown and if I counted right there are 53 days left until my due date.

Here are some of the developments that have happened most recently that have made it all more of a reality to me.

First the community editor at the magazine I work for started asking about when I will be going on maternity leave, so I finally put it all in writing and submitted the dates. February 15th will be my last day of work for 3 months. Can I get a WOO HOO!?

A similar situation came up a couple days ago where the event coordinator at a country club invited me to do a private bridal show, but the date is February 28th. I had to decline at the risk of either having a baby or going into labor the night of the bridal show. This isn't good news because I am missing a great opportunity, but not AS good of an opportunity as having a baby girl. WOO HOOO!

Z had an eye appointment on Tuesday and the Doctor said he wanted to schedule the next appointment in 2 months, and once again I had to politely explain that I should be having a baby in about 2 months (woo hoo). All of the sudden this girlie is really starting to make her presence known.

Then the biggest Woo Hoo of all is that today invitations went out for my baby shower. I am really looking forward to this special time with some of the most amazing women I know.

Basically this means it's time to start getting down to business in preparing for our newest family member and I am a little nervous, but more than anything I am just as excited as I can be!


Michele R said...

I am so excited for you. I had wondered if you were going to the birth center or going to have a hb. Interestingly your first commenter on your last post had a hb abd she is in GA and your 3rd commenter is in GA and can't find a hb midwife....and I am in GA and have had a wonderful hb as well as wonderful hospital birth with a cnm who has the heart and brain and experience of a hb midwife. Just google ga midwife or email me.
Anyway, I am so excited for you and your growing family. Even though Z will be young at 2.5 years he will remember and will know how strong and special his mom is. My middle son was 2.8 yrs old and he cut the cord after the 4.3 yr old was not interested. Oops, I just realized that I assumed that Z would be present. What a special time all of you are having, and will have soon!

The Messy Mom said...

My two older brothers where there when I was born. I think it is wonderful for children to be a part of the birth experience instead of only having media influence their view of what birth is. Also, the first girl that posted is a "fellow blogger" whom I have never met and the other girl is a friend from when I lived in Woodstock GA, how funny that I have mad so many GA connections. I will pass that info along to Tracy. Thanks Michelle!