Saturday, January 2, 2010

A close to the holidays

The first day of 2010 is all a blur to me. I spent most of it sleeping and trying to recover from the night before. Not in the way that most people are after excessive drinking and wild parties. My new years eve was spent eating a variety of soups that were prepared by each family group, and had some good and bad luck at various games, mostly hand and foot, and breaking only briefly to watch the official count down at midnight. It was a fun night, but it didn't end until about 6:30 am!

As I mentioned before the Holidays this year have just been some of the best and most memorable ever and I attribute it all to being able to spend it with our family.

Even though we don't see either side of the family too often it is nice to have this break from the day to day stuff and take time out to be together. I feel genuinely blessed.

photo 1: My family
photo 2: My husband's family

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