Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Gifts

A couple weeks ago I posted about crafting and wrapping up all these little gifts,

but I didn't reveal the contents of the presents, because I hadn't given them out yet and honestly, and didn't want to spoil the surprise. Now that Christmas is over I can say that the gift we gave to most of our family members and a few friends and neighbors this year was fig jam. It was one of the most frugal, fun, but also time consuming Christmas gifts yet.

It began last fall when our fig tree was ripe and ready to be picked. My mom was in town and we used up as many figs as we could between canning and baking.

It was a lot of fun and everything tasted so good. So I had reserved the jam for Christmas presents and when trying to decide how to wrap it I remembered a box of scrap pieces of fabric I got for a dollar at a thrift store. I found some Christmas material and cut it up into squares tying each one around the jars with some twine. Then I remembered that I had gotten a bunch of scrapbook foam letters and things as a white elephant gift from a party I was at just weeks before and that is what I ended up using for the name tags. Come to find out it was my sister in law who had brought the foam pieces to that Christmas party and was glad to see that it had been put to good use.

The figs were free, the fabric was practically free, and the random craft materials were all free too. I hadn't really done anything homemade or creative in a long time (since before Z was born) and given that I have another one on the way it probably will be just as long before I do anything like that again. Although, I am already looking forward to this years batch of fresh figs.

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I'll be ready when they come.