Friday, January 15, 2010

Big Mama

Photo of last month and this month.

Sometime in the last month I must have really “blossomed” and everyone and their dog is starting to notice (I have seen the way all the dogs have been looking at me). For the past 6 months all I’ve heard was “you don’t look pregnant” or “oh my goodness you’re so tiny” or a lot of sheepish glances debating whether or not they should assume I am pregnant at the risk of offending a big oddly shaped woman.

Now that I am 7 months pregnant no one is afraid to comment on the pregnancy and I get asked my due date about 5 times a day. That doesn’t bother me, but the classic “oh my god your huge!” stuff is already getting old. Apparently I am about to burst and there is NO way I can still have 2 months left, according to the majority of the population. It’s funny to me that there was no stage in the middle where people thought I was just right. You are either carrying too small or too big.

I do feel huge though and I am curious to find out if this means my baby will be bigger or if it is just because it’s a second pregnancy and your body just expands more quickly after the first time. All I know is that my waist is about 2 inches bigger than it was around this time with Z. Also, I am sad to report that I am already getting stretch marks at 32 weeks, instead of 39 weeks like I did last time. The one thing that hasn’t changed though is my weight. The comparison between pregnancies seems to be pretty consistent.

Photo of my belly at 36 weeks with Z.

Current belly pic at about 33 weeks.

Don’t be too shy to comment and tell me about your stretch marks, strangers comments, or how big your babies were with each pregnancy. Does big belly always mean big baby or am I just carrying differently? I am sure a little community camaraderie will help to help this whale of pregnant woman to feel a little more human.


Tracy Ryan said...

I don't see any stretch marks :)

nancy from ky said...

I think you are a little bigger this time. I also think I could be second baby syndrome. What stretch marks?

Michele R said...

I think a lot of it has to do with the baby's position. With my 3rd I was really big and that is because that baby was all out front with his tush out there. Another pregnany had the baby tucked deep, deep inside and of course one mw freaked and measured me too small. My awesome cnm knew by placing her hands on me how they were positioned.
My 3rd baby was 9 lbs, 3 oz. Not even a skidmark was to be had. He went from not appearing to being in my arms in less than 5 mins. Big babies are not to be feared. They can some fast. They know how to corkscrew out (when nothing blocks mom and babe's endorphins) ;) And they are squishy--it is not like a steel Tonka truck (sorry everything is boy themed over here).
So I agree that 2nd and 3rd babies look bigger faster and you think they are going to arrive soon due to all the squirms you feel, but they don't. Isn't it wild to think that your baby girl has NO idea that her home was previously occupied?
I think your belly looks awesome!
I did a belly cast on myself at 37 weeks. A friend I met online 10 years ago told me what to do. My hubs did not help me so I did it myself with plaster wrap stuff you can buy at Michael's. Email me if you want to know how if you want to, or maybe you have awesome friends who are already helping you with this....
Keep the info coming!!!! :)
Tell the poster to email me and I can tell her about a couple of awesome hb mws!

lewiston said...

you ARE just right in size ;)
i never measured myself when pregnant but i always weigh about the same, but i was quite a bit bigger with J than i was with D and he only weighed a few ounces more than her. but then there's my sister who's the same size with all 5 kids, so it's just whatever your body does. :)

Melissa said...

I got stretch marks early with my son. By the time he arrived I looked like a purple and white zebra! Everyone said I was sooo small, but when he was born 3 weeks early he was 9lbs, 6 oz. I was really glad he came early!
Any suggestions on how to get rid of tummy flab? This is my first, and I am sick of feeling fat.

The Messy Mom said...

I guess it's a mystery, you all are right about not being able to just say one thing that applies across the board. That makes total sense though about the baby being deep inside verses all out in front.

Melissa I am certainly not an expert on post partum bodies, but especially depending on your sons age I would just say take your time and focus on your baby. I hate how the media puts so much emphasis on women getting their body back instantly. That is not realistic even if you didn't gain any body fat it would still take time for your uterus to shrink down. Grrr, I could go on, but other than giving it time I breast fed which burns tons of calories and the obvious answer of good ol' healthy eating and exercise.

Becky said...

I'm late to this party, but you look so gorgeous! It's funny how people see a pregnant belly and completely forget their manners. I used to be amazed at what people would say/ask/yell across the room.

And my experience was the same as Michele R's--each baby carried so differently. With my girl I was bigger all over, and with my boy it was all out in front. You look like you're just showing in the tummy too. I love these pics!

Amy said...

I was the opposite of Becky ~ out front with Elly & all over with Cody (though I also gained 8 more pounds with his pregnancy). They were 1# 4oz different, but I also carried him two weeks longer... I guess each person & pregnancy are different, huh?! Your belly is beautiful! :)