Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Look Back and Laugh: Drama Queen

When Z throws a fit, which happens frequently enough since he is 2, I tell him "leave the drama for the mama" because I have enough drama of my own and last month was full of DRAMA! I will be talking about that later this week. Not all of it was bad, and not all of it was even that big of a deal, but I am 6 months pregnant and therefor everything triggers some kind of emotional response.

For example this week J and I will be celebrating our anniversary and Z is going to stay with his grandparents that live a couple hours away. So the other day J was talking to me about some ideas he had, things that I thought sounded wonderful, like visiting a nearby city, staying at a hotel, and going to Ikea, but as he is telling me this I start thinking about going days without seeing my little boy and trying to hold back the tears my face starts contorting into what I would imagine to be that of a cranky old lady, but really it's just me trying not to cry. As J looks over he immediately starts to back pedal "we don't have to go to Ikea, it's okay, it was just an idea". I couldn't help but laugh at his reaction and cry (am I pregnant or what?). He was being so considerate and I explained the real reason behind my tears.

So in the end Z will be with his grandparents for a few days, which I can handle and J and I will get to have our mini getaway where I will celebrate 9 years of marriage to a man that loves me even with mood swings and all.

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