Saturday, May 9, 2009

Creative Minds Online

On Tuesday I talked about a couple of guys from Georgia with an online series of animated shorts that has been followed by MILLIONS. Then Wednesday I did a post featuring my favorite podcast hosted by 2 “Lost” fans in North Carolina. Thursday it was all about some of the You Tube successes, which include Julian Smith a 21 year old in Tenessee with a passion for film. Then yesterday I talked about the booming success of a blog from a woman out in Oklahoma.

Notice a pattern here? The internet has opened up doors for creative minds all over the country (and abroad). You no longer have to risk it all by packing up and moving to Hollywood or New York to pursue your dreams. The only thing you have to risk is not being well received on line, and let’s face it failure is a lot more easy to take from the comfort of your own home. Am I right?

I have just barely scratched the surface on this topic. I didn’t even discuss the REAL stars, the master weavers of the world wide web. If you want to see who has really been raking in the dough, check out for their annual list of top 25 web celebs.

I didn’t write about any of these “artists” though, because I couldn’t care less about that aspect of the industry. I really just enjoy hearing the voice of middle America and watching average people just like you and I, be able to express their thoughts, share their ideas, and have a creative outlet to exercise their talents. It's a new day.

*Note* This was written Saturday and I forgot to publish it until today (Monday).

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