Thursday, January 1, 2009

Why I love: Silky Long Underwear

I hear, the words long underwear, and I think of things like Little House on Prairie or Lumberjacks, but I was looking in this months All You magazine and I saw something that changed my perspective. It featured the Land’s End long underwear. They have the warmth of tights or thermal pants, but less bulk. When I read the words “silky smooth and whisper thin” I hinted to my husband that this sounded like a pair of pants that I would like to own.

I ended up getting a pair from him for Christmas, they were actually the Sonoma brand and are available at Kohl’s. There is another brand called Cuddl Duds that I have owned and they are equally as luxurious. They aren't something you want to answer the door in. In fact it might be because I am shorter, but mine pull up way past my belly button, but they aren't intended to be lingerie. These long underwear do not disappoint. They are so comfortable and the perfect way to layer on a cold day. I would recommend these silky long underwear to any woman.

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