Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 2000

November 4, 2000 we were married. It was the greatest moment of my life. I surprised him with a poem I had written and he surprised me with a song. They both ended with the words “love come true.” It was a total coincidence, I guess it was just meant to be.
At the time I wrote all those things in my journal I would have never thought in a million years that Jeremy would be my husband. I really truly would have thought I had a better chance of becoming ballerina and I have never taken ballet. It just reminds me that you never know what God has in store. It’s been 8 years and we are just getting started. I will leave you with the words that we wrote for each other and shared at our wedding, and then I need to go get a tissue, because this is all just too much!

Natalie’s Poem-

I could dream a million dreams of when I’d say these vows
but not one could compare to the way that I feel now

Can feel my heart beat do you see my eyes gleaming
father why am I so lucky tell me I’m not dreaming.

At the end of this aisle is the one that I adore
who makes the earth seem richer than it’s ever been before

Forever lingers in our minds, forever is our destiny
forever I will smile, every time he kisses me

So now it’s time to take a step and finally say I do
to the one who is and always will be a love come true

Jeremy’s song-

I love to hold you in my arms. Because they were made for you
and it’s been that way all along, but it’s like I never knew.

You were made for me and I was made for you
All part of the puzzle you see, making the picture complete

I love to be held in your arms, because I belong to you
and it’s been that way all along, but it’s like you never knew.

I would die for you, I would pay any price
superficial love won’t do, you will be the love of my life.

I love to hold you in my arms, because they were made for you
and it’s been that way all along you’re my love come true.

You’re my love come true.

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Jerri Dalrymple said...

That's beautiful! For my husband and I's second anniversary I took the first line of his written vows and the last line of mine and had them engraved inside his band. "As we stand for all eternity" :0) (you should hear the story sometime about what it took for me to get his ring off his finger and then to have it gone for 2 days!!!) LOL