Thursday, August 7, 2008

All About The Messy Mom

Hi, I am Natalie, The Messy Mom, and this is me.

I don’t always walk around with my hands on my head, in fact I don’t even know what I am doing in this photo. I do know that I have a lens cap in my hands. I also know that everything I am wearing in this shot is from the thrift store and that I look happy. So that says a lot about me already- I often don’t know what I am doing, I like photography, I wear second hand clothes, and I am pretty happy. But wait, there’s more, I actually enjoy photography so much I started my own business Memory Weaver Photos. Weaver is my maiden name, you will hear a lot about the Weaver family on this blog.

Oh and you’ve got to meet these guys.

That’s my husband his nickname is Germ. Germ is the worship leader at our church. He’s the more cautious of the two of us. He is also cooler and more talented than he will ever know. The little guy he’s with is our pride and joy. I would love to use a less cliché description, but why should I when that really does sum it up so perfectly. I could get into details about his age, the new discoveries he’s making and things he enjoys, but I won’t because he is changing all the time and I would have to come back and update this page constantly. Don’t worry though there will be no shortage of blogging about this cutie that we call "Z".

That’s me in a nutshell, but if you find it all to be so fascinating and you’re begging for more than you can check out these links.

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Katie Bug said...

My husband is one of the worship leaders at our church in Dallas, Gospel Lighthouse. While wearing church T-shirts in public, we have often been asked if we are from your church.