Ten Pregnancy Symptoms I Had Before I Took the Test

I have so much suppressed details to write about this pregnancy. Three months into it and I have not blogged about any maternity stuff, other than the announcement. That might not sound like a big deal, but I have a chronic case of documentia. It’s a disorder that I made up to label my impulse to document everything.

So I do plan to catch up on all the first trimester updates, but let’s just start with how I knew I was pregnant.

am I pregnant

First of all I was not expecting to be pregnant. Here is the TMI version of the story.

I don’t do birth control pills or anything like that. I did once when I was a newly wed and have decided against it for the past 14 years due to personal medical reasons. However, we were trying NOT to get pregnant through every NFP (natural family planning) method in the book. Now some of you might laugh and say “Yeah, that NFP stuff is a joke and it never works”, but let me repeat I have not been on birth control for 14 years and the three children that I have were not accidents. Let’s just say we had a good system going. At one point at the beginning of this year we discussed the idea of having another child soon. Except we decided it wasn’t good timing and we wanted to wait a bit to be completely ready. From that point on though I will admit to being a little more laid back with charting and all that. It’s not the first time I have taken the casual-trust-my-gut approach to NFP. However, it is the first time it resulted in an unexpected pregnancy.

I knew pretty early on what we were in for. I made this list on March 23 (which would have made me almost 5 weeks pregnant). I even titled it-

“Am I Pregnant?”

am i pregnant

1. Weird Dreams

2. Fatigue

3. Late period

My period used to be all over the place so this one isn’t that big of indicator for me, but I was expecting to start any day.

4. Nausea

5. Ear problems

This is something I commonly struggle with when I am pregnant. That is part of the reason I had to go to the Doctor recently.

6. Forgetfulness

Not that I want to attribute everything I do to pregnancy, but there have been some CRAZY mix ups. I feel like I am in such a fog.

7. Insomnia

I knew when I woke up at 3:30 am hungry and unable to sleep that something was definitely up.

8. Metallic taste

During those first few weeks I had a slight metallic taste in my mouth. Which was probably the biggest indicator.

9. Numb Arm

My right arm had a lingering numbness to it. It’s not even a pregnancy symptom I have ever felt in the past, but when I looked it up, sure enough, it’s a pregnancy symptom.

10. Gas

Bloating and intestinal issues. Bleh.

From there the list just grew and was of course later confirmed through a pregnancy test. Even though it was kind of a tough first trimester I considered all the symptoms a blessing because it was a constant reminder that this was real. I knew it probably meant I was having a very normal healthy pregnancy.

Did any of you other mamas have tell tale signs when you were expecting? Did you know right off the bat, or were you oblivious for the longest time like those women on the show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant? Just kidding, don’t even get me started on all that craziness!

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Let’s Connect

Yesterday I announced that the new site was live. I gave a bunch of disclaimers and explained the whole process through a metaphor. Today I am going to really break it down. Some of this stuff may come off as somewhat techie for the non bloggers and I don’t want to be like Charlie Brown’s teacher to you, so please feel free to just skip over all that stuff. I want to be clear though because I don’t want to completely loose the little following that I did have because I simply didn’t communicate what was happening or didn’t properly redirect traffic. I’ll try to keep this brief.

1. The Messy Mom blog that has existed from August 2008- May 2015 has been copied over to this new platform. Not all of the posts transferred. Some things weren’t compatible, while others I chose not to keep. But for the most part it’s all here at www.messymom.com . We are still making adjustments and tweaking things along the way, so if something looks a little off. It probably is. We’ll get there.

2. The old Messy Mom still exists in is entirety and everything I wrote from August 2008- May 2015 is over at themessymom.blogspot.com where it will sit until further notice. There are some special personal posts that aren’t really relevant anymore, but I want to keep them archived for now. So that’s what’s going on there.

3. If you followed the blog before via RSS feed, google followers, blogger, or email updates you will probably need to resubscribe.

4. I have an email newsletter available for the first time! This means you will get exclusive updates, my latest content, and at some point I will be throwing in some freebies. So be sure to sign up for that!

5. All of my social media is the same, EXCEPT for Google + and Youtube. I still have the previously existing accounts, but they are not directly linked with my blog. They are just personal accounts. I will leave links to the new accounts below.


These are just some of the ways you can stay connected with Messy Mom

Also, if you are viewing this website with a  phone or tablet, scroll all the way down to see what would normally be on the sidebar.

If you have any questions about the recent changes please just let me know. I look forward to getting all of this stuff out of the way so that I can quit blogging about blogging and get back to writing about things I really care about. Again, I thank you for your patience.

I’ll be in touch!

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Hello, and welcome to my brand spankin’ new website! Please don’t look too closely because this site is still heavily underconstruction. I don’t know if you should even be reading this without a hard hat. Seriously though, J and I spent all weekend day and night working on getting everything transferred from Blogger to WordPress and trying to customize and organize over 1,000 posts and all the many features that go into the pages of a blog. It’s not done yet, but we are both exhausted and I didn’t want to delay the launch any longer. I can’t thank my husband enough for everything that he has done to invest in this passion of mine.

Now I do realize that some of you might be thinking this site doesn’t look that dramatically different from the old site.

The Old Messy Mom Page

Or maybe you like the old site better, but you’ll just have to trust me that from a blogger’s standpoint the bones of this site are thousand times better.

Since this is a blog move, let’s compare it to a real move. Messy Mom was renting a prefab home before. Blogger (owned by the google empire) owned my home. The rent was cheap (free) and it was great, but I was wanting my blog to grow and I didn’t think house would be the right size for what I was dreaming up. So last week I had a little going away party! I showed a movie, had some party favors (The Starbuck’s giveaway ends tonight at midnight! There is still time to enter if you haven’t already), and I even invited everyone to my next party (a link-up party).

Then I packed up all of my content and moved it over to this new site, which does cost a little more, but it’s a customized home that my husband J built it by hand. So it is a completely one of a kind and comes with amenities I never would have dreamed of in my old virtual house. Now I just have to learn my way around and figure out the fancy bells and whistles of it all.

As with a real move, getting into the house is only the beginning. You have to unpack and set up. Sometimes you get rid of stuff you don’t need anymore or purchase some new window treatments and such. Then it’s time to organize everything. Even when you think you have it all set you then realize you want to rearrange because you think the couch would look better on the other side of the room, or you can’t find your waffle iron and you wonder if it got left behind in the move. You just keep tweaking your crib until eventually it feels like home again.

So that is where I am at in this process. I still have a lot of work cut out for me. There may be some glitches here and there, but please be patient. I will have it all sorted out soon and then we’ll have a house warming party. You know how much I love a good party.

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The Big Announcement

Well, I have been keeping this secret way too long and it’s been absolutely maddening not to be able to talk about it openly. It’s not necessarily blog related, but it will certainly have an impact on my content from this point on.

If you are guessing that I am pregnant you would be correct! I will have lots of time to talk about all the details after this blog move is over. I have so much catching up to do you all are going to be sick of hearing about the pregnancy, but for now here is an a brief overview of where things are.

I am 12 weeks along.

The due date is November 24 (just days before Thanksgiving).

Now that I am officially in my 2nd trimester I am feeling so much better, but I had been super nauseous for the first 10 weeks.

It’s still too soon to know the gender, but we do plan on finding out!

This wasn’t a planned pregnancy, and it’s a little scary. I am still really happy to be pregnant though. We knew we wanted to have more children and it will be nice to have another sibling for my kiddos that is still pretty close in age.

I had my first midwife appointment and they did not do a sonogram, but we did get to hear the heartbeat. All the blood tests came back great too.

Not a lot of people know yet and this is our first online announcement (a Messy Mom exclusive, wink wink), but now that the cat is out of the bag we’ll be releasing our auto tune song on Facebook. I know I am such a nerd, but I’ve always wanted to do this and HEY, there’s an app for that!

I couldn’t think of a better time to share the big news than in the middle of The [New] Messy Mom Launch Party Now the party is really getting started baby! Yeah!

Remember you can still watch and share my new Welcome Video.
Enter to win the Starbucks Card Giveaway
And get your post ready for Tuesday’s  Look Back and Laugh Link-Up
Tomorrow is the last day of the OLD Messy Mom. It looks like it’s a year of newness.
Who’s with me?


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Mother Son Time

Today I am joining in for “Mama’s Tell All” with That Southern Mama. The topic is

Dating My Daughter/Son. 

I always thought the idea of going on dates with your kids was weird, but then several years ago I was talking with a teen girl that babysat for us, and she explained how special the dates with her dad were. She said he likes to demonstrate how she should be treated by a man (i.e. respect, dignity, kindness, manners, etc.). I really liked that idea. So call it whatever you want, but I believe special one on one time with our children is critical.

Keep in mind this does not have to be anything extravagant. We are in a difficult place right now with J being in school full time and tight budget doesn’t even begin to cover it. Even then I have managed to go out with Z a couple times a year and I can’t say enough about what it has meant to both of us!

We didn’t start this tradition until 2 years ago when he was in Kindergarten. Our first date was the Chic-Fil-A mother son date knight and I highly recommend registering for one of these events if you can find one in your area.

I have more information about that HERE.

Then last year we went to the Mother Son Game Night at Z’s school, and it was an evening I will never ever forget.

We both dressed up in Western wear

and we played and competed as a team all night long.


It was so special!

This year we participated in another Mother Son Date Knight at a different Chic-Fil-A and there were so many fun activities and freebies including the opportunity to take an oath of honor and be knighted by the royal cow.


Z voluntarily wanted to wear his bow tie and blazer that night. He was the best dressed kid there and several people dining or serving were sure to let him know about it.

Then back to the school for our next mother son time which was the Mother’s Day Tea that I attended last Friday.

Can you tell we have a thing for matching? I do realize he will grow out of this, but for now I’ll take it! Z served me my refreshments and as we chatted he gave me some crafts that he made and a book he wrote for me which was especially sweet!


Here is what I have learned so far with the few dates that I have gone on with my son.

1. Of course you can come up with something personal for your night out, but in our case it has worked out to do events that are already planned and prepared. All we had to do was show up.

2. We are big Dave Ramsey Jr. people and so these outings are a great opportunity for kids to learn how to be generous and responsible with their money.

The Chic-Fil-A meals were all paid for with money that Z earned himself. Although, (just to keep it real) last time we went out I owed him some cash for the past 2 weeks. So I let him buy our meal with my debit card, but we had a big conversation about why a debit card is different than a credit card and that money would come straight out of his chore money. It worried me just how much he loved handling the Visa.

3. Of course you can start date nights at any age! For me it has just happened to work out to start scheduling dates very intentionally at school age. As a stay at home mom, this worked out perfect because until Z was in school I was with him all the time and got to do special activities on a more regular basis anyway.

4. Lastly, I have learned that these times of connection where you have the opportunity to really focus your undivided attention on your child as an individual is priceless! I can’t wait for the next mother son date with Z.

The [New] Messy Mom Launch Party is still in full swing. Check out the links below to catch up on all that is happening!

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Look Back and Laugh

One of the fun things about doing some “house keeping”
around here in preparation for this blog relaunch was that I
got to see all of my old posts in a new light. In some ways I could not believe
how much has changed, but I was also very much encouraged to see that the
purpose and the inspiration behind Messy Mom has remained consistent since the
original launch in 2008.
Back then I wrote a weekly post on Tuesdays called “Look Back and Laugh” and I
shared a funny or embarrassing memory. I stopped doing
these posts shortly after SJ was born and life got hectic. I’ve still always liked the idea of taking those humiliating or awkward stories and
turning them into something that later can be conversation starters.
So I’m bringing it back! Along with all the new things
coming to Messy Mom this week I am going back to my roots and implementing some
old stuff too!
It is with great enthusiasm that I can officially announce
that the Messy Mom will be hosting a weekly link-up party.
Every Tuesday morning I will be sharing a funny story from my life and I
would LOVE it if all of you other bloggers would join me. 
Your post can be old or new and your memory could be from yesterday or when you were 6 years old as long as it’s family friendly that’s all I ask. Please don’t stress out about whether your story fits in or that it has to leave us all rolling on the floor laughing. Look Back and Laugh Link-up is really just a chance to
break away from all the troubling news, political disagreements, guilt trips, or mommy
wars and just take a lighthearted look at life.
I know for me I have plenty of blunders to choose from so even if no one joins in the link up I will be posting something (probably embarrassing) EVERY
Tuesday. I do hope that you will join in the fun though, because I will be reading
every link and I promise I will be laughing with you, NOT at you.
See you this Tuesday May 19 for the first…



This post is a part of [The New] Messy Mom Launch Party which will be going on all week long leading up to my new site launch this weekend. Check out the welcome video HERE and be sure to enter the giveaway for a Starbucks card HERE


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Messy Mom Giveaway!

I love giveaways! I have won A LOT of free stuff from blog giveaways. My favorite was probably the wok set that I won from Barefoot by the Sea. It came with loads of non perishable asian cuisine and other items from Blue Dragon.

The day the two huge boxes were dropped at my doorstep was like Christmas! We have made several items from the stash so far and my husband volunteered to make spring rolls again tonight.

Sadly the giveaway that I have for you today isn’t that great. In fact this is probably the most anticlimactic giveaway in blog history, but it is from the heart!

As a thank you for joining me on this journey I would like to give you the chance to win a cup of coffee on me. Actually, depending on what you order with your $10 Starbucks gift card you will probably be able to get TWO drinks! This deal is getting sweeter by the minute.

And because this is from me personally I am going to be sending it the old fashioned way through snail mail (because I could send you an electronic gift card these days) and it will come in an adorable handmade card from fellow blogger Karrilee from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace. I WON the notecards in a giveaway that she had and I love the idea of having it go full circle to another giveaway.

To enter just use the rafflecopter below to sign up.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I have kept it simple this time with the options of following on Twitter and Facebook. I will do another giveaway for subscriptions sometime after I launch the new site and I can’t wait to host more bigger and better giveaways for you guys as the site grows.

If you want to keep up with MessyMom.com, but don’t care about the giveaway then by all means you can still follow along. My social media buttons are the first thing in my sidebar.

Then come back tomorrow as the party continues and I reveal a new weekly link up I will be hosting!

“Giveaway ends May 18th at 11:59 PM EST. Open to Residents of the US only.  Prizes cannot be shipped to PO Boxes.  Winner will be selected by Random.org and be notified by email. Winner have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected.  Facebook and Twitter are in no way associated with this giveaway.  By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to me and me alone.  I do not share or sell information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner.”
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Messy Mom Welcome Video (#messymommovie)

I’ve been anticipating this day for months and dreaming it up for years! I wanted to make a welcome video for my blog. I saw it as a way to really connect with my readers and get to talk to each person that visits my site on a personal level, the way I would if you were to come to my home, or catch me after church, or chat with me on the phone. The thing about any of these real life scenarios is that we would inevitably be interrupted.

Thus the inspiration for this little clip. So without further ado I am stoked to finally reveal the #messymommovie.

A huge thank you to my brother Brandon Weaver for producing this film. He is so generous to have put all of this together. A shout out to the crew behind the scenes; Kayleigh Hornsby, Lindsey Weaver, and Stephany Mendia. I also have to give credit to my husband and kids for participating. I am just blessed beyond words for all of them. This was a dream come true for me.

On top of the video premiere I am also excited to announce that this is just the beginning! I am not a vlogger by any means, but I do want to put out a few videos here and there each year. Which is why I have started (drum roll please…)

The Messy Mom Youtube channel!

You’ll want to subscribe so that you know when new stuff gets uploaded. My channel is Youtube.com/Messymomblog . Go. Subscribe. Give my video a thumbs up and then come back here tomorrow for Day two of the launch party when I kick off my first giveaway.


Party on! 
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[The New] Messy Mom LAUNCH PARTY!!!

It’s here. It’s here. It’s finally here! Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mamacitas out there and WELCOME to the [NEW] Messy Mom Launch party!


I wanted to give you a little bit of a schedule for what’s happening this week so that hopefully it will make sense when it all rolls out.

SUNDAY- The Messy Mom Movie Premiere
Okay, this should still be on track to happen today, but it might be at let’s say 11:59 pm. Everything I say is subject to change (wink wink).

MONDAY- My First Messy Mom Giveaway

TUESDAY- The Messy Mom Link Up Reveal

WEDNESDAY- Traditional Post
Tuesday I will be hosting a link up, but Wednesday I will be participating in one. This was already on my calendar, so it doesn’t necessarily go with the party, but it still sets the stage for what kind of content will continued to be featured on Messy Mom.

THURSDAY- A Special Announcement

FRIDAY- More Announcements

SATURDAY- The New Website

So I am still keeping a lot of secrets, but that gives you a bit of a preview. Basically this is the week I am just going for it! I pushed the deadline for the conversion to WordPress to the end of the week in hopes that it gives my husband enough time to get everything done for the grand finale. I know this Word Press/Self hosting stuff doesn’t mean a lot to the non-blogging readers, but trust me, it’s a big deal.

I’ve been blogging for a long time now and over the past few months I have been working hard along with my family  an official team of experts to take Messy Mom to the next level. This is my chance to get this blog off the ground. That’s what launching is all about right? The idea that Messy Mom will be a little bit more of a brand, a business, a part time job. Don’t worry, the integrity and purpose of this blog is safe with me. Messy Mom means way too much to me to just gamble it away. Over all I am just going to be doing the same thing I’ve been doing, but with a little more purpose, and if it also brings in some revenue for my family then that’s awesome, because we could use it.

So that is the gist of what the [The New] Messy Mom is all about. The name and the identity behind my blog will stay the exact same as it has been over the past 7 years. I will just be implementing some new ideas, some of which are really old ideas that I have been dreaming of for a very long time.

 More to come my friends. Stay tuned.
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Things to Come

It’s been another silent week here at MessyMom.com. Lots of end of the school year happenings and some other stuff that I’ll be sharing more about next week. In fact I’ll be making up for lost time by blogging every single day starting this Sunday!

I am wanting the week of Mother’s Day to be the launch party for The NEW Messy Mom. The thing is, I am so nervous about having everything unfold smoothly. I don’t know if the new website will be finished by the end of next week or not. It’s been a ton of work. There is so much that could go wrong at this point, but I am stretching my muscles and will be getting a running start as I jump into the deep end of blogging. All I can say is expect the unexpected (such as delays, technical difficulties, emergencies, mass confusion etc.).

I’ll have more blog reveal details next week, but for now I did want to mention one minor personal update.

An outtake from the photos that were taken for the new profile pic.

Some of you know I have dealt with a lot of issues with my left ear. I have a constant ringing in that ear along with difficulty hearing. I also sometimes experience episodes of vertigo. It’s something I have dealt with for 12 years and has gotten progressively worse. Keep in mind what I deal with is completely unrelated to SJ’s hearing loss. I diagnosed myself 2 years ago after extensive google research. I wrote all about Meniere’s Disease and why I think I have it here.

Although the vertigo hasn’t been much of an issue, the hearing loss has started to dramatically interfere with my life. I mishear words all the time. If I am in a noisy environment where someone is trying to talk to me you can pretty much forget it. I won’t be able to hear anything unless it is spoken close to my right side. J has especially noticed it and was the one to insist on me going to the Doctor. I mention in that other post about how I did go to the Doctor about this issue, but that was 10 years ago and the Doctor I saw wasn’t at all helpful. I didn’t keep records or seek a second opinion. I didn’t know what questions to ask. Now that I am in my 30’s and have a daughter with hearing loss I feel a lot more equipped to get to the bottom of this.

I saw my general practitioner on Tuesday. He’s not an ear Doctor so there isn’t much new information there, but on Monday I will see an Audiologist so hopefully I will know more by then.

That’s my little update. Next time I get on here it will be to kick off the launch party. Definitely come back then!

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